Siddhant Maitra

When sad, rewrite your website


I am currently learning how to make a REST API with authentication using Spring Boot and Java for my final year project. I am finding it pretty hard, and progress is slow. I was feeling kinda sad about it, so to distract myself I decided to rewrite my personal website.

This is my third rewrite of this website, previously it looked like:


I used Remix here along with TailwindCSS for styling. Pretty fancy for a blog and few pages.

Before that, it was plain HTML and CSS.


As you can see, I like minimal designs.

What I am using now

This time around, I am using Astro. Removing react/remix and tailwind from the website felt pretty nice. Developer experience with Astro is also quite better.

Reluctant to do styling, I have picked up a template for now and it looks fantastic IMO. Clean and minimal(both in code and styling :-P ).

What’s next

In future, I think I would look into adding components from other frameworks(maybe svelte?) and see what I can use it for. More personalization through styling should be done. But for now, I achieved what I wanted and I feel satisfied.