Siddhant Maitra

WSL2 config notes


WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) provides significant increase in quality of life while working on software things. But it is immense PITA out of the box. I configure it to mainly address the high RAM usage and the activation of the GPU causing the laptop fans go wild.

Other than that, WSL has been pretty nice to me.

The files needed for configuration are:

  1. .wslconfig = does global config for all wsl distros installed ; found in C:\Users\<USERNAME>
  2. wsl.conf = config file for each wsl distro ; found in /etc

For more detailed information, checkout :

My config :

1. .wslconfig


This config was added mainly due to:

2. wsl.conf


Having systemd is huge plus while running stuff like docker without bothering with docker desktop or running k3d for when experimenting with kubernetes.